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    Thursdays games postponed

    01/29/2023, 4:30pm AKST
    By Board

    Due to High school tournament Thursdays games will be postponed until the end of the season. 

    Big Dipper Policy

    01/23/2023, 12:15pm AKST
    By Will

    We have received complaints from the staff at the dipper that there has been people consuming alcohol in the lobby, bleachers, and player benches. This is not allowed at the dipper. If we see members consuming alcohol in the lobby, bleachers, or player benches in men's league games you will be asked to leave the facility. 

    Substitute Players

    01/16/2023, 11:15am AKST
    By Will

    The substitution rule is as follows: A team can add substitute skaters in regular season games for a total of 10 skaters. If teams roster more than 10 skaters and have subs they will forfeit that game and the following game. 

    USA Hockey

    01/12/2023, 11:00pm AKST
    By Will

    If you want to sub in men’s league register for USA Hockey and send your confirmation receipt to the board. If a team rosters players who are not registered with USA hockey that team forfeits. This is a league rule.

     17.  Forfeit Policy - All teams must meet USA rules to start play. If at the designated start time of a game, one team is short, they may add players under the Emergency Player Additions section. If players cannot be added under that section for one reason or another, the score keeper shall start the game clock. If after 10 minutes have elapsed and the team is still short on players, the game is declared a forfeit and the referees and score keeper may leave. The remaining players may use the ice to scrimmage. However any altercations during scrimmage play will be dealt with under the fighting policy. Only eligible FMHA members may be on the ice during scrimmage time. Referees failing to follow this policy will not be paid and will not be allowed to continue to officiate for this association.