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New Board of Directors

09/24/2022, 4:15pm AKDT
By Will

Fairbanks Men's Hockey has two new Board of Directors. Doug Carlin is the new secretary and Steve Messer is the new treasurer. Joe Schultz has moved from treasurer to the VP of B league.

We currently have 4 out of 6 confirmed team reps to start the season for an intermediate/ advanced league.If you are interested in being a team rep please reach out to a board member by 10/7. 

Registration Winter 2022-2023

09/24/2022, 11:30am AKDT
By Will

Registration is open for Winter 2022-2023. The cost is $500 for skaters and $400 for goalies. Depending on signups the season will either start 10/23/22 or 10/30/22 and will end March 26,2023.

UAF preseason ice

09/22/2022, 1:00pm AKDT
By Will

There will be an intermediate/advanced preseason skate at UAF every thursday from 9/1-9/29 at the UAF patty center from 9:15-10:15pm. Skaters are required to have up to date USA hockey registration upon request from the board. There will be a limit of 12 skaters to each bench.

Contact a board member to reserve a spot. The fee is $5 per skate. If you do not contact a board member and are not on the roster then you are not allowed to skate. 


There will be two beginner/novice skates at the dipper in October. 

Winter 2022-2023

07/12/2022, 10:30am AKDT
By Will

Winter league is a few months away. We would like to return to two leagues for a total of 10-12 teams. In order to do this rosters will be capped at 12 players per team until we reach 10-12 teams to make two leagues. In the past we have had issues of getting enough skaters to show up when we have 12 player rosters.It will be up to the team rep to roster a team that will show up for the games. The season will consist of 3 12 minute stop clock periods.

Anyone interested in the B league VP board position should send a letter of intent to the board. The position will begin at the start of the Winter season.

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