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    2023 Tournament Standings

    03/15/2023, 8:30pm AKDT
    By Board

    A League:

    Finals best of 3:

    Bud Light - 1 win  
    Icemen A - 0 wins 
    Slater - 3 losses (Eliminated)
    FSG - 3 losses (Eliminated)

    B League:

    Finals best of 3:

    Brown - 0 wins 
    Edson - 3 losses (Eliminated)
    Icemen B - 3 losses (Eliminated)
    Stewart - 0 wins

    (Reminder: 3 losses and you are eliminated) 

    2023 Tournament

    03/10/2023, 9:45am AKST
    By Will

    The 2023 tournament begins on March 12th, 2023. No substitutions are allowed in the tournament for skaters. Goalie substitutions are allowed through the approval of the board of directors and the team reps. Goalie substitutes must be registered with the league. 

    The tournaments for A and B leagues will consist of a round robin bracket with each team playing a minimum of three games. A team is eliminated when they receive their third loss. The final championship round will consist of a best of three series. 


    B League VP

    02/14/2023, 7:00pm AKST
    By Will

    The board of directors welcomes Michael Ladouceur as the new VP for B league.