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    Unsupervised kids at Polar Ice

    02/05/2019, 2:15pm AKST
    By Brian

    We've had a couple issues with unsupervised kids at Polar Ice recently. Kids, purposefully over flowing the toilets, etc.
    Per Bill at Polar, unsupervised kids will not be allowed at the rink during FMHA play. Players on the ice with unsupervised kids at the rink will be removed from the ice. He also has full rights to shut games down out there as he sees fit.
    If this continues to be an issue, suspensions will be handed out.

    Will Skate For Food Tournament is BACK!

    10/24/2018, 10:45pm AKDT
    By brian

    The Will Skate for Food Tournament is again back in action this year.

    Tournament dates will be December 28th-30th. 

    Anyone interested in skating, or entering a team is asked to please contact Jay McFadden at (907)978-5978

    Registration Closing October 8th

    09/25/2018, 8:45pm AKDT
    By Brian

    Registration will be closing for the season on October 8th at 11:59pm.  Anyone signing up after that will have to wait to be placed on a team at the leagues discretion.

    Also, Sunday October 7th we will be having some scrimmage ice.  Preference will be given to new players in our league to determine proper placement.

    B league's sheet will start at 6:45pm, @ the Big Dipper.  A leagues will be @ 8:00pm.

    Please contact your appropriate league VP ASAP as we will be capping it at 24 skaters per sheet.

    VP, A League - John Slater, 907-378-8699

    VP, B League - Scott Kennett, 803-938-3180

    We are planning on getting the season started on the 14th, so please get registered to help get this season started on time!

    Thanks, Brian

    Will skate for food tournament is BACK!