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Sub Players

01/11/2022, 12:30pm AKST
By Will

Subs are only allowed if they are registered with the league. If a sub plays who is not registered that team forfiets the game. Teams are allowed to sub up to 9 registered players and up to 10 if the other team rep agrees. 


10.  Ineligible Player Penalties - Any team who uses an ineligible player shall forfeit that game. In addition the entire team will be suspended for one game. The Association Scheduler shall remove one game from their schedule at a future date. The scheduler shall attempt to give the suspended game to the team that was forfeited to. If the schedule will not allow, the scheduler shall pick a team other then the offending team to receive a bonus game. First priority should be given to last place teams. Additional penalties for repeat offense shall be handed out by the board. Sponsors or Team Representatives who repeatedly violate this section shall not be allowed to continue to Sponsor or Team Rep.

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