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04/04/2018, 9:30am AKDT
By Brian

Congratulations to the Teamsters and Wilson and Wilson for winning their respective championship games. 

Also a big thank you to Bad 2 Da Bone Barbecue for catering the event. Looked like the brisket was a big hit.

We’ll get the ball rolling on next season as soon as possible. Hope to see everyone plus a few more next season!

Tournament Schedule and Rules

03/04/2018, 10:45pm AKST
By Brian

Tournament Rules

For the tournament (not including championship games) we will be keeping things mostly the same as they've been all season. (I apologize, I didn’t catch my fat finger prior to tonight, periods were supposed to be 16 minutes due to the potential shootouts and timeouts. ) from now on we will be doing  3, 16 minute running clock periods.  Also, each team will have 1, one minute timeout per game.   Ties will be decided by a 3 person shootout with the visiting team shooting first.  No skater in the penalty box at the end of the period may participate in the shootout. If the shootout lasts more than 3 rounds, it will become sudden death.  No skater may shoot again until all members of their team have shot.  In the event of uneven rosters, once the team with fewer players has used all their skaters, both teams may start over.  SUB Goalies must be from one of the rostered goalies within your league.  In cases of teams not able to find a sub goalie, the board must be notified and a sub will be found.  No substitute players for A league will be allowed.  For B league, since I know almost each team is short on players, subs will be allowed to get teams to 8 players per game.  B LEAGUE SUB SKATERS MUST HAVE APPROVAL FROM THE OPPOSING TEAM REP PRIOR TO GAME TIME. There will be a board member present at each game to keep an eye on this. 


The timing will be slightly different for the championship games.  We will still be doing 18 minute periods. However, the last 5 minutes of the 3 periods will be stop clock.  In the event of a tie, there will be a 5 minute stop clock, 4 on 4 "sudden death" overtime.  If no winner is decided in overtime, the same shootout rules will take effect.

There will also be plenty of door prizes given away during the championship games.  There will be at least 10 half off codes for next season, as well as sticks, gear and other items.

Tournament Schedule


B League-

Game 1-#3 TEAMSTERS vs #6 LAT65 3/13 Polar-8:00pm

Game 2-#4 CMI vs #5 PLUMBERS 3/13 Polar-9:15pm

Game 3-#1 FS&G vs Winner Game 1 TEAMSTERS 3/15 UAF-8:00pm

Game 4-#2 GCI vs Winner Game 2 Plumbers 3/15 UAF-9:15pm

Game 5-Loser Game 1 LAT 65 vs Loser Game 4 Plumbers 3/18 Polar-6:45pm

(Loser Eliminated)

Game 6-Loser Game 2 CMI vs Loser Game 3 FS&G 3/18 Polar-8:00pm

(Loser Eliminated)

Game 8-Winner Game 5 vs Winner Game 6 3/19 UAF-9:15pm

(Loser Eliminated)

Game 7-Winner Game 3 Teamsters vs Winner Game 4 GCI 3/20 Polar-8:00pm

(Winner to Championship)

Game 9-Loser Game 7 vs Winner Game 8 3/22 UAF-9:15pm

(Loser Eliminated, Winner to Championship)

Game 10- Championship Game POLAR 3/25-6:30 PM


A League-

Game 1- #1 HOMETOWN vs #4 COLLEGE COLLISION 3/14 Polar 8:00pm

Game 2- #2 ALL BLACK HOCKEY STICKS vs #3 WILSON & WILSON 3/14 Polar 9:15pm

Game 3- Loser Game 1 College Collision vs Loser Game 2 All Black Hockey Sticks 3/18 Polar-5:30pm

(Loser Eliminated)

Game 4- Winner Game 1 Hometown PT vs Winner Game 2 Wilson & Wilson 3/20 Polar-9:15pm

(Winner to Championship)

Game 5- Loser Game 4 vs Winner Game 3 3/22 UAF-8:00pm

(Loser Eliminated, Winner to Championship)

Game 6- Championship Game Polar 3/25-8:00 PM


Spring League Registration is now open

03/04/2018, 10:30pm AKST
By Brian

Spring League Registration is now open.  We will only have 6 team spots open.  Teams are allowed to have up to 13 players protected on their rosters.  This will also be a "one goal per player until everyone on the team has scored" league, mainly to help with the disparity between team skill levels.

Cost is $150 per player. Season will be 8 games starting in early April.  There will be a week break due to the Anchorage USAHockey tournament.

We have 2 teams as of right now, that leaves 4 spots open. Anyone wanting a team spot saved, please email me asap(