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Playoff Rules

02/17/2019, 4:30pm AKST
By Brian

Hi all,

It's playoff time again, just wanted to refresh everyone's minds as to the slight rule changes we establish for the league playoffs.

First: Instead of 18 minute running clock periods, we will be doing 15 minute periods.  Same running clock format, except for the last 4 minutes of the 3rd period will be stop clock.  Each team will also get a single, one minute time out per game.  Time outs can be used at any point, and will stop the clock if taken during the running time portion of the game.

Second:  In the event of a tie, we will do a 3 person shootout.  If the game is not decided within those 3 shooters, it will go to "sudden death" rounds.  No shooter may shoot twice until all skaters on one team have shot.  If team A has 8 skaters and team B has 12, anyone is able to shoot again on either team after team A has gone through their lineup.  Also, once a team has gone through their order, there is no limit on how many shots one skater can take.  Teams can send the same skater up over and over until the shootout is decided.

Third: SUBSITUTE GOALIES must be a rostered goalie within the tier.  A league goalies can't sub for B league games, etc.  If all rostered goalies have been contacted, and no one is able to fill in, the team rep needs to contact their Tier VP so the league can find an appropriate substitute.   

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